How Technology is Transforming the Workplace

How Technology is Transforming the Workplace

With technology becoming increasingly prominent, the same can be said when it comes to using technology in the workplace. If you’re looking for a small office for rent, Putney has it all and with flexible office spaces like Proper Office in this area, it’s great for start-ups or businesses looking for a change of scenery. So how is technology transforming the workplace?


It’s sometimes hard for staff to remain focused, whether it’s that mid-afternoon slog or the Monday blues. But nowadays, there’s ample software available to regulate productivity in the workplace. Maintaining productivity is extremely important to any business, especially if it’s just starting out, so technology can certainly help in this department. Wunderlist is one of many to-do list apps that’s easy to use and can be shared with others in the organisation to set tasks with deadlines, along with other useful features.


Security should always be a priority, whether it’s in managed offices or online. With many businesses having fallen victim to cyber attackers previously, it’s essential that your files and confidential data are protected as much as possible. It’s always good to keep tabs on your security levels as your business grows and develops. There are a variety of anti-ware programs available, so be sure to do your research before committing to them. It might also be worth training your staff on how to handle suspicious emails etc.


Promotion and advertising is certainly important to businesses as it helps boost the awareness of the product or service that they are selling. Since the birth of social media platforms online, businesses now have the chance to reach the masses on a global scale. Most of them now give you the option to run paid advertisements and there’s software available for you to schedule and monitor your results from campaigns you’ve run. This is something that wasn’t so easy or detailed in traditional media like magazines and newspapers. So you would certainly benefit from creating a website and social media profiles to boost your presence online. If you don’t have a digital team already, it’s worth hiring one as soon as possible.


Thanks to technology, communication in the workplace is a lot easier. There’s more flexibility as to where you’re able to hold or attend meetings, thanks to video messaging and webinars. This all means that work can be done quickly, without delay. Communication between customers and businesses has also improved thanks to social media. This gives the customer to opportunity to get in touch with the business directly via their social media profiles, something that has both advantages and disadvantages to it.

When it comes to a serviced office space, Putney is the place to be, especially for those who love flexible working environments. Technology has changed all our lives but particularly when it comes to the business and workplace. It’s important not to be afraid of technology because after all, it isn’t going anywhere soon and seems to be why businesses are thriving in the digital market. Who knows what the future may hold?