Small Business Logo Guide for Every Business

Small Business Logo Guide for Every Business

Your business logo is an important marketing symbol. In fact, you can’t do any real marketing campaign online without it. You need it to launch your website, print your business cards and any other promotional materials. That’s why many companies spend a substantial amount of money to create a unique logo for their brand.

But what if you don’t have thousands of dollars to hire a brand design and marketing company to create one for you? You can still get a good logo to market your brand without a huge budget. To design a logo that will promote your business effectively, follow this simple guide.

Determine your brand identity

Your logo should project your brand identity to your clients and prospects. Every aspect of the logo should reveal something unique about your business from the colors you choose, to the artwork and the type of fonts you use. The time you spend at this stage is never wasted. It will allow you to create a brand that will stand the test of time, and help you to avoid rebranding frequently.

How do you ensure that your brand is distinct and different from others?

To give your brand and logo a distinct identity, here are some of the questions you need to ask:

* What is the main product or service that your company is offering?

* Why are you providing that type of service or product?

* Who are your major clients or customers?

* What are your company’s main values?

* What do you want customers to think about first when they see your brand?

Making your logo stand out is not rocket science. After you’ve answered the questions here, choose your logo’s colors carefully. Each color should have a meaning and resonate with your audience. Also, make sure your logo is easy for your audience to remember. So that as soon as they see your logo, they can quickly associate it with your company and brand.

Research your competitors

Pick the logos of your main competitors and take time to study them. Then look for a way to make yours different from the lot. You have to design a logo that’s different from those of your main competitors to stop potential clients from getting confused.

You can use the websites of your competitors or their printed brochures to do this research. See how their values, mission and target audience are reflected in their logo. With a little inspiration, you can create an attractive logo that will communicate your brand’s uniqueness to your clients.

Do it yourself

When you have a very small budget for your logo, you can do some aspects of the design yourself. Don’t be afraid if you don’t have any graphic design experience. There are many free tools you can use to handle different aspects of the design.You can draw inspiration from stock photo websites, search for ready-made logo designs and discover the color palettes that fit your brand within a few hours of searching on Google.

When you want to make a logo, focus on simplicity. The simple ones are usually very effective because they are easy to memorize. Good examples of effective logos include: Amazon, Nike, Apple and Microsoft. These logos have a simple font with a maximum of two colors.

What if you have little or no design skills and you are not confident about creating your logo from scratch? Take advantage of the free logo designers online. They will give you pretty fast results. In some cases, the final result may not be absolutely free but the finished logo won’t set you back by more than a few dollars. These logo generators can also be good sources of inspiration and ideas.

Instead of using free logo generators, you can sketch your logo on paper with a pen and scan it into a computer file. Then send it to a graphics conversion service to touch it up and add a special font.

Work with a designer

It’s now relatively easy to find a horde of graphic designers online with the skills to design a decent and unique logo for your startup. You only need to provide a brief description of what you need and you will have designers submit bids and samples within a few hours. Freelance design sites will allow you to select a competent designer, examine the design and request for revisions before you part with your money. After you have worked with one or two good designers, you can ask any of them to help you to create more brand marketing materials for your company.

It is possible to design a suitable business logo on any budget. With the valuable tips provided here, you can create a new logo for your business whether you want to do it yourself or you are prepared to spend a few hundred dollars for a graphic designer to create one for you.