Using Technology to Deliver the Best Customer Service

Using Technology to Deliver the Best Customer Service

When customer service is done right, it will influence the bottom line. With this, it is important to implement strategies that will redefine the way customer service is delivered, making it possible to provide the highest level of satisfaction. Among others, this is possible by embracing technology in the business, such as through the ways that are briefly mentioned in the rest of this post. 

Digital Receptionist

Visitors hate it when they have to be stuck in the front office. To improve customer service, use a software that will automate the registration and issuance of visitor badges, such as Greetly. This way, there will be lesser waiting time in the front office. Visitors can also register in advance. Plus, security will be improved and on the business side, this will mean lower costs of operations because there is no more need for a human receptionist. 

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Mobile Apps

To deliver improved customer service, it is also a good idea to develop a mobile application for your business. A mobile app is a must for brands, as long as it is developed with the needs of the users in mind. This can be used for customers to place an online order. The app can also double as a marketing tool, providing a dedicated platform to set out materials to inform customers about on-going promotions. Through the app, it will also be possible to easily reach the business, such as through a built-in chat feature.

Data Analytics

It is also possible to use technology to make sense of data that an organization is confronted with. You do not have to go through the information on hand manually. There are tools that can be used for data management and analytics. They will use the data collected from your customers to spot a trend. This provides businesses with valuable insights that can be used in improving their customer service.


The chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence and are used by businesses to replace human function. Essentially, they are virtual assistants that are capable of providing immediate response to queries from customers, even outside of the usual business hours. The satisfaction and experience of the customer will improve because their concerns can be addressed the soonest possible time.


Most of you would know about drones as the ones that are used for taking breathtaking aerial photos and videos. It can also be used by businesses to deliver improved customer service. In fact, Walmart is now using drones in their stores. The company filed a patent to use drones in helping customers find the items that they are looking for. It makes in-store navigation quicker without the help of an actual employee.

In sum, from a digital receptionist to tools for data analytics, businesses should embrace technology to improve customer service. In turn, this will positively impact their profitability and competitiveness.