The multifaceted India is rich in vibrant traditions and colourful rituals rooted deep in the past. One of the beautiful Indian traditions is the ritual drawings of Rangoli. Since ancient times, women in India have decorated the walls and thresholds of their homes with colourful ornaments, each bearing a special meaning. Now you can get a rangoli stamp in google pay, but first it makes sense to know what a rangoli is. Next, we’ll look at a few ways to get a rangoli stamp in your google pay.

What is a rangoli?

Rangoli markings are popular all over India. They are applied on a washed doorstep or a thoroughly cleaned patch of ground in front of the house. Coloured powders, chalk, marble dust, rice flour and flower petals are used to make the bright intricate patterns.

The ritual of rangoli is performed daily by the women in the early hours of the morning. The themes of the paintings are varied. There are sun, stars, moon, lotus flowers, trees and animals, also popular are closed geometrical lines. The rangoli drawings ward off evil spirits and attract good deities, as well as show a woman’s love and devotion to her husband.

The word “rangoli” itself is of Sanskrit origin and consists of two words – rang (colour) and avoli (row). In South India such drawings bear the Tamil name of Kolam, in Rajasthan they are called Madhana and in Bihar they are called Aripana. The modern rangoli are one of the most popular decorative arts in India. No Indian festival is complete without the colourful rangoli.

How to get rangoli stamp in google pay

If you want to get a rangoli stamp in google pay, there are several ways to help you make it happen. However, some ways may require you to make a small investment. Some companies are now running a promotion that will help you to become the owner of such a mark. You can get rangoli through the CRED App. You can also use your Business QR Code in PayTM, PhonePe, Google Pay. You can set up rangoli in Google Pay through Bill Payment settings.

There are also other ways to get such a mark and all ways can bring you great results. Anyone can get rangoli if they put in some effort. In some cases, you will also need to invest a small amount of money. But it makes sense to say that it’s easy enough to get rangoli on Google Pay. If you can’t fully understand the process, you can use the additional materials with a step-by-step guide. This will help you to get the rangoli mark quickly.