Choosing a pen that’s right for you can be a difficult task especially when you have a lot of options ranging from variety of inks to the type of material they are made of. There are a range of pens available in the market and the process to choose the right one might be a bit confusi

In this article, we are sharing information about ballpoint and rollerball pens, the inks they use and their pros and cons that will help you choose the right pen.

Ballpoint Pens

There is a history behind the ballpoint pen as to why it is well known and most preferred by everyone. The ballpoint pen’s ink is oil based and was originally invented as a more reliable and clean product compared to the fountain pen’s ink.

For everyday use, ballpoint pens are a great choice for industrial designers and artists as they s give the user the freedom to use inks available in various shades. There are several tip sizes for ballpoint pens. A medium tip is the most common in ballpoint pens and it is about 1.0 mm. If you are looking for a more fine tip choose a tip with 0.7 mm.


  • Smooth experience – With ballpoint pens your writing will always be even and smooth.
  • Less finicky – Compared to other types of inks, ink flows smoothly  from ballpoint pens onto paper a lot better.
  • Quick dry – Ballpoint pen ink dries up far more quickly as compared to other inks.
  • Long lasting ink – Ballpoint pen refill lasts longer than other inks.


  • Messy – Ballpoint pen ink can become messy as it gets accumulated around the tip and if you are not careful, it can leave a dirty blob on the paper, hand or clothes.

Rollerball pens

The ink of a rollerball pen is liquid and normally it is water based. Compared to other inks a liquid ink flows fast and creates a subtle dark line. A rollerball pen writing mechanism is similar to that of a ballpoint pen. The only difference is that it uses a water-based ink. Normally a rollerball tip ranges from 0.5 mm to 0.7 mm. As the ink flow in rollerball pen is fast, it saturates a paper quickly, therefore they use a fine tip with a smaller ball to make sure the size of the line is small.


  • Dark line – The liquid ink of rollerball pen gets soaked into the paper quickly creating a subtle dark line that looks better compared to ballpoint ink.
  • Quick dry – As the ink is absorbed by the paper, the rollerball ink dries quickly which reduces the chances of smudges. It is a good choice for left-handed and fast writers who write on a standard paper.
  • Colours – Rollerball inks come in a variety of colours as the ink is available in more water-soluble pigments and dyes.
  • Minimum pressure – As the rollerball ink flows smoothly, a bare minimum pressure is required to write smoothly, so people can write with improved comfort while not stressing about it too much.


  • Bleed and feathering – As the rollerball ink gets soaked into the paper fast, it may bleed and soak through the paper and leak onto the next page.
  • Constant refill changes – Compared to ballpoint ink refills, rollerball ink refills do not last long as they get used up fast.
  • Leaking – If left uncapped, rollerball ink may leak creating hard to remove ink stains from clothes.
  • Unsuitable for travel – Rollerball pens leak when they go through pressure changes like traveling in flight or hiking to a great altitude.

Now that you know the creative differences along with the pros and cons of using ballpoint and rollerball pens, it will be easy for you to choose one out of these. One good way to make the right choice is asking someone for advice whose writing style is similar to yours. But, if you are someone who likes to experiment and see the end result for yourself, feel free to try out both.

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